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Fueled by an unmatched passion for the industry, AllTimeCare continues to raise the bar in providing the market with high-quality and safe personal care products. We have seven production facilities packed with top-of-the-line workshops and operated by seasoned industry experts, all working together to develop outstanding products targeted to the global market. We are your one-stop shop for all personal care needs, from tailor-made formulation to packaging customization.


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Discover Our Product Lines

Explore the expansive product offerings that AllTimeCare has in store for you and your market.

Skincare Products

Wide assortment of products to

elevate and enhance the user’s skin.


Customizable makeup formulations made from hypoallergenic materials.


Hair Care Products

We help you develop various hair care formulations to represent your brand.

Oral Care Products

Express your brand with our

range of products for oral care.

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What Makes Us Different?

Full Services From Ideas to Delivery

  •     Product Definition  
  •     Choosing Formula      
  •     Packaging  Design
  •     Sample Confirmation 
  •     Mass Production
  •    Worldwide Delivery
    Product Definition  

We are Big Fans of Your Distinct Vision!

Seasoned consultants understand your project goals through clear conversation. Every detail is noted while providing professional insight based on years of experience to help meet your brand vision, objective, and budget, while defining your products unique selling points.

    Choosing Formula      

Quality-Assured Formula at Your Choice

Choose from our robust selection of high-quality and industry-tested formulas developed by our in-house R&D team, or use our off-the-shelf formulas as well as getting useful suggestion to modify any formula. Each formula is customizable to make them distinctly yours and aid in the success of your product line.

    Packaging  Design

Free Bespoke Logo and Packaging Services

To enhance the marketability of your personal care products, we also carry an assortment of packaging options to complete your product offerings. We can also add your existing logo to the packaging for brand recognition.

    Sample Confirmation 

Prototype Bridging Your Ideas and Final Products

Once a formula is decided, we develop the formula or adjust it to suit your demands. We then send a sample batch to you for free to make sure it meets your expectations before proceeding to mass production. Use it to test formula and performance.

    Mass Production

Quality Guaranteed By Top Facility

AllTimeCare has its own factory to carry any customized formula and products. 100,000 class cleanroom, 8 modern auto production lines, 300+ experienced workers and our quality control system are strong backbone of your brand image. Contract manufacturing we offer is a smooth and hassle-free service compared to our peers.

   Worldwide Delivery

Door-to-Door Delivery

Our services don’t stop after the production phase. We have the knowledge of how to save space and logistics fees. The connections we have to trusted logistics companies and ports ensure a short lead-time on all your orders. Expect your personal care products to reach you within 30 days.

-Our Capability-

We Separate Your Personal Care Brand From Competition

Our quality management ensures that skin care product manufacturing are not only consistent but also in line with your requirements.

Custom Formulation

We built ISO-certified Class 5 clean workshops to produce skin care products in a dust-free environment. Your skin care products are guaranteed to be compliant to your market requirements and consumers’ expectation.

Private Label

Our workers are required to do sanitary preparations before entering the workshop, dressing dust overalls, gloves, masks, hats, and shoe covers to ensure no contamination to semi-finished products.

Contact Manufacturing

We conduct inspections to each batch of raw materials, semi-finished and final products to assure that we don’t deliver defected goods. Daily cleaning and maintenance of machines also ensure the smooth production and final quality.

We Watch over Processes and Result

Quality manufacturing is at the forefront of AllTimeCare’s production process, making sure we manage every step and maintain optimal results at all times. Our quality auditors skip at nothing from material selection to final inspection and packaging to ensure our products meet established global standards.

Why Working With AllTime Care?

Experienced R&D Team

With more than 20 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, our experts have a deep understanding of global market demands.

State of Art Factlity

10,000 sq.m. facility equipped with a 100,000-level clean and dust-free workshop and the latest production equipment.

Flexible Customization

With more than 20 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, our experts have a deep understanding of global market demands.

Impeccable Standards

Our entire production process adheres to strict quality control standards according to GMP and ISO9001:2000 management systems.

Full Support From A To Z

Get exceptional assistance from our responsive team from initial product consultation & development to after sales & marketing materials.

Modern Factory Back up

We offer complete OEM and private label production services, including packaging design and unique formulation development.

Bulk Buy Personal Care Products

Custom For Your Product

Whether you’re a budding brand or a well-known name in the industry, you can save more when ordering wholesale personal care products.

Knowledge Center

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Are you ready to build your

skincare brand? AllTimeCare

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