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Free Samples Upon Request

Provide the required information so that we can produce an accurate product sample that you can receive within a week and inspect for their quality before proceeding with mass production.

Required information for sampling:

The product category you want

Specifications and quantity

Requirement on packaging (material, style, size, etc)

Requirement on functions (contributed by the formula)

Your budget

Get Your Sample In 3 Easy Steps

Provide Required Information

Call us or fill in our forms so that you can elaborate on your market’s preferences, industry requirements, and other details to consider during production.

Send Your Request

If you have design preferences for bottles, packaging, and the like, you can send the files to us for our design team to realize your vision.

Sit Back and Get the Sample

After details are clarified, we produce and deliver the sample to inspect the product quality. While general samples appear within 7 days, custom samples arrive in 10-15 days.

Get The Sample You Want

General Sample

With content inside

Custom printed label

Custom packaging

7 Days

Custom Sample

With content inside

Custom printed label

Custom packaging

10-15 Days

Bulk buy personal care products

custom for your brand.