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Count on AllTimeCare OEM/ODM Service

OEM Service/Contract Manufacturing
Your brand logo on the products
Your custom formula and packaging
Efficient manufacturing in 7-10 days
One-stop services from start to finish
Perfect for businesses and brands looking to own their own formulations
ODM Service/Private Label
Your brand logo on the products
Off-the-shelf formula at your choice
Lower MOQ from 500 PCS

360° services make your business worry-free

Perfect for brands and companies who want to expand the product lines

13 Years of Industry Experience

Can’t Be Wrong

For more than a decade, AllTimeCare has been working with thousands of clients in making a difference in the personal care products industry. From tackling diverse challenges to developing innovative solutions for brands, our quality products, and services resulting in the success of many brands.


AllTimeCare is committed to delivering unmatched quality in our personal care products, setting the benchmarks that others follow. Let our experience and expertise be your guide to reaching your goals.

How We Help You Out

As your partner in establishing your brand in the personal care and business,

we provide you with products that have exceptional quality and consistency you can rely on.

Ingredients Quality Inspection

Every good ingredient adds more safety and lasting quality to every product. To prevent contamination, our inspectors diligently go through incoming materials, applying strict sanitary and chemical indicators before proceeding to production.

Efficiently Filling

Using automated filling machines, the essential oils are securely transferred to the containers, with containers filled precisely every single time. The high precision of our filling machines allows us to achieve consistent output and retain the quality of our products.

Packaging Material Sourcing

We provide you with free packaging services and connect with reliable domestic suppliers to provide us with durable packaging materials that help secure our products while attracting your market to your brand with our logo and packaging customization.

Assembly and Packaging

Once the containers are filled, they are checked for any leaks, damage, or inconsistencies. The bottles are then packed according to preferred packaging requests, then prepared for shipment with our partner logistics companies.

Save Big With Our OEM Service

Cut unnecessary expenses while increasing the reach of your personal care and beauty business with our cost-effective offerings

that are sure to add value to your brand.

The Costly Way

Plant Leasing and Building

$ 20,000~50,000+ for basic setup

Distillation Technology Acquiring

Decades of effort from experienced technicians required

Machine and Equipment Purchasing

Starting from $100,000/machine. Additional investigation on machinery performance, expertise of proper maintenance…

Staff Hiring and Training

Expensive labor forces starting from $40/hour. Time and effort needed to design the management system.

The Cost-Effective Way

Manufacturing Cost


Fulfillment Fees


Logo/Label Design


Warehousing Fees


Bulk buy personal care products

custom for your brand.