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AllTimeCare Heritage

From The Long Way We’ve Come

Long before AllTimeCare was established, our team members have spent decades in the industry.


Before the Birth of the Company

Our founder Mr. Zhang Hengbin started his lifelong career in health industry by working as a sale representatives in a pharmacy chain store.


Start of the Company

The company was founded in August, 2009 by a team of passionate doers. Driven by the mission, the team created a miracle: in as short as 1 year, the sales has reached 100 million RMB.


Strategic Planning

In this year we signed contracts with pharmacy giants in China and became their exclusive sales channel. Soon after the strategic cooperation was started, we developed our sales network with more than 30,000 distributors.


Perfect Fit Into The Market Trend

We embraced the chances brought by the booming of short videos, which accelerated the spread of information like never before. In this year we started to extend the team’s capabilities so as to provide the one-stop services for our clients.


Harvesting Our Fruits

Over years of effort, AllTimeCare has laid a solid foundation for close business cooperations and has won trust from both our clients and organizations. Certifications, honors and awards were witnessing our growth.


Full Engagement In Foreign Business

With ample expertise and accumulated in the past 10 years in the personal care industry, we moved a step forward by engaging in foreign business and started to provide products and services to our foreign clients.


Upgraded Facilities and Manufacturing Site

With our ever booming business, our belief on quality products became ever stronger. Driven by the belief, we invested in the factory and took great effort to streamline the management system.


Moving Steadily and Looking Forward

11 years after our establishment, we have grown stronger as the great partner of more than 1000+ brands. Our passion for the industry remains unchanged and will continue to bring value to all businesses and our stakeholders in the future.

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