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Spas and Salons

To service numerous clients with various hair requirements, spas and salon owners need different kinds of hair care products and other essential suppliers. AllTimeCare has a rich selection of hair care solutions under one roof, saving all spa and salon owners time, money, and effort. 

Skincare Startups

Nearly all skincare startups have a limited budget, which results in a small variety of skincare products to draw in numerous target audiences. With our competitive prices on our premium skin care products, we help startup businesses get a head start against their competitors by finding solutions that fit their budgets.

Established Brand & Skincare Professionals

Trusted companies require hair care, essential oils, skincare, and other products that have impeccable quality. The world-class QC system we utilize within our production floor ensures all of your orders have superior efficacy, shelf life, and safety. 

Online Retailer

Online retailers place importance on their brand or their capabilities of drawing in new target audiences to their business. Industry experts among our ranks are capable of finding the right branding solutions for your skincare, haircare, essential oils, and other products. We also offer powerful customization services that can help online retailers stand out within any selling platform. 

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Free Consultation

Provide us with your packaging design ideas and essential oil specifications for our experts to deliver precise reports and realize your vision to help you reach wider markets.

Quick Sampling

Upon request, we produce samples made to your specifications and carefully packaged. Samples arrive within a week for your inspection to help smoothly proceed to production.

Marketing Support

Having over 200 experts in our marketing department, we provide consultation and reports to improve your market confidence with various promotional materials.

OEM/ODM Service

Primarily handling skincare OEM/ODM services, we produce unique personal formulas that make your product selections stand apart from your peers and cater to different demands.

Packaging Design

Grab the attention of your market with our stellar packaging design. Following your specifications, we provide bottle, jars, and boxes with a bespoke logo to display your brand.

Ship and Delivery

Connected with trusted logistics agencies and reliable ports, we deliver your goods at quick paces, with normal orders reaching 30 days to help you meet market demand.

Benefit from BAIS One-Stop Services

Minimal Investment
to Start

AllTimeCare offers our premium health products at competitive prices. You only need a small capital to launch your startup business or in expanding your market with new products.

Rich Resources
By Your Side

You have an abundant selection of products available to you when working with AllTimeCare. From essential oils to hair care products, we can help you tab into any market demands.


Whether it is our massage oils, skin care products, or makeup, all of our products have an established customer base that is sold by reputable brands and companies.

Competitive Business

Find all the services you need for a successful start-up launch under one roof with AllTimeCare. We offer robust customization service, after-sales service, and consultation. 

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custom for your brand.