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Makeup Manufacturer

AllTimeCare is your trusted makeup supplier thanks to our mature supply chain. A strict screening process allows us to partner with trusted suppliers that provide us with premium raw materials, ensuring our capabilities of fulfilling bulk orders during peak periods. In addition, we are partnered with reliable logistic companies. The partnership with protecting and developing ensures your premium makeup orders are fulfilled on time without compromising on their quality. 

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Focus on Quality at Every Step

An established QC system is integrated into our production facilities along with our 100,000 class cleanroom workshops. Well-trained inspectors conduct regular tests and checks during production such as screening of our raw materials and final inspection on orders. With our focus on details, AllTimeCare ensures your makeup’s quality, lifespan, and efficacy are preserved. 

Makeup Products Formulation Development

Accurate Colors, Impeccable Performance.

The experience we gathered working in the cosmetic industry enables us to find the solutions to enhance your brand awareness. Provide us with your makeup concept and our consultants will find feasible solutions to realizing your vision.

AllTimeCare has a strong R&D who regularly conducts market research, helping you create a recognizable makeup brand for your target market. 

Types of Makeup Products We Offered

From BB creams to foundation, we have a rich selection of makeup products available. The one-stop service where all your cosmetic product requirements are found under one roof can cut down on costs and time. 

We Make Your Cosmetic Brand Stand Out

Enhance your market reach through our robust customization services for our makeup products. We can customize the containers, bottles, labels, logos, and packaging of your makeup orders. Through our skills and value-added services, your branding will have a recognizable face for your target market. 

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