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Contract Manufacturing

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All-time Care is your dependable partner in meeting contract manufacturing demands, whether you’re a well-known name in the business or just starting out. From conceptualization to bespoke packaging, we have the equipment and expertise to match your specific requirements. Our expert team perfectly captures your product ideas and translates them into marketable and highly-effective products. We can also adapt your existing formulations and help you enhance or adjust them for your growing market.

We Not Only Produce,

But also Improve.

Whether you’re an established brand with a range of developed products or a budding business with several concepts, BAIS is here to be your reliable manufacturing partner. Our facility is equipped with the latest machinery to carry out your products. Besides, the in-house R&D with a team of certified experts works to make small changes that show up in a big way for your brand.

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Custom Formulation Development and Testing

Seasoned experts adapt your customization requests and find the right formulation using the best raw materials available. These formulations undergo rigorous testing to ensure their efficacy and potential reactions to the human skin, with adjustments done until we achieve ideal and consistent results. Our team records and monitors all results, ensuring we get the correct output before production.

Packaging Materials Sourcing and Disinfecting

Packaging plays a crucial role not only in protecting your products but also in effectively marketing them to your audience. Through our network of partner material suppliers, we source the right materials for your product’s packaging while keeping them clean and safe with our disinfecting process.

  • Bottles and Jars
  • Sprayers and Pumps
  • Enclosures and Tabs
Bottles and Jars

Bottles and Jars Disinfecting

After careful inspection, all containers we receive from our supply chain are unpacked and passed through an air gun to remove any impurities. They are then brushed and rinsed using pure water and dried at 60~65°C until no water is left. These containers are then used within 48 hours, wherein the remaining ones are subjected to another round of cleaning.

Sprayers and Pumps

Sprayers and Pumps Disinfecting

Every sprayer and pump used for packaging your personal care products are tested by our auditors, which are then cleaned adequately via the air gun. Once impurities are flushed out, they are placed in the ozone room for fumigation and disinfection, lasting between one to two hours. They are then placed in a plastic bag and are usable for one week.

Enclosures and Tabs

Enclosures and Tabs Disinfecting

Before using the enclosures and tabs to close the containers, the enclosures and tabs are inspected and run through the air gun for flushing. Fumigation and disinfection take place in the ozone room, where they are kept for a maximum of two hours. This makes them usable for a week, with remaining covers placed back on the ozone room for disinfection.

Emulsifying all ingredients

All ingredients are properly emulsified using modern processing equipment as part of our reliable production process.

This process guarantees the even distribution of the ingredients, ensuring balanced and consistent formulation in every container. We also conduct another round of testing after for quality control.

Efficiently Filling Contents

Adjustable filling machines take charge of placing the right amount of content into each container, with our team monitoring the process to make sure consistency is maintained. Containers are then reviewed for any damage or leaks, preventing defective bottles from shipping out of our warehouse.

Assembly and Delivery

Paying close attention to detail, our team starts assembling your products while reviewing them for quality control. Products, along with the packaging, are placed into shipping containers and prepared for delivery.


With our vast experience in shipping products, we know what works well with your order. Partnering with renowned logistics companies across the globe, take all precautions to make sure your products arrive safe and on time.

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