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We’ve Covered all Your Needs of Starting a Personal Care Brand

Here’s what we’re going to learn in this webinar:

Make sure the formula fits your brand value

Develop unique products for the target market

Design packaging to convey brand image

Produce bulk products at fast speed

Ensure products quality are qualified and shipped safely

Ingredients and

Formula Expertise

Our researchers are proficient with novel ingredients so that they can formulate any innovative skin care solutions for your marketplace. Our R&D team will use the right ingredients to create products for your desired results, including acne treatment, anti-aging, cleansing, illuminating, moisturizing, and others. With the knowledge of international standards, we guarantee that formulas we developed can meet the needs for market access.


Research and Development

We display an understanding of market preferences and adapt to trends easily. With a strong research thrust, our R&D team continues to develop formulas to produce high-end personal care products that meet the growing demand.


Working with top domestic research teams from the most prestigious national institutions and universities has improved our reputation and enabled us to deeply collaborate with global brands.

Designing and Branding

Our designers are professionals in creating eye-catching designs that will leave a good impression on consumers. Graphic design services of product labels & packaging can free our clients to do what they do best.

Our service also includes marketing planning, assisting to combine the features of our products and your brand characteristic. With our experience of global private label service, your brand can sell in an out-standing and legal way.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Hiring us as your personal care products manufacturer gives you peace of mind as we consistently supply skincare products, hair care products, massage oil, essential oils and oral care products formulated to your specifications at lower prices.

Having unique personal care products produced by our high-end factory gives your brand greater recognition with minimal costs. Through contract manufacturing, you can focus on your business operations as we take care of the production side.

Quality Management

To ensure we produce at consistently high quality, we conduct microbiological and chemical testing on our raw materials. Ingredients follow international standards and are treated and cared for under specific conditions to maximize their quality.


Prioritizing safety and quality control, our well-equipped labs guarantee that our essential oils lack any microorganisms or contaminants and that they meet the requirements for purity and density.

Bulk buy personal care products

custom for your brand.