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We help to build brands in field of skincare, body care, and personal care products. Since 2009.

Founded in 2009, our parent company Guangdong Baishi Health Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. has 7 production bases all around China. With our own in-house factory, BAIS acts as a subsidiary specializing in personal care products production from 2010 onwards.

Over years, AllTimeCare has been a leader in the private label skincare industry since it first came on the scene over a decade ago. To date, we have supported over 3000+ entrepreneurs to start their own skincare brands, some of which have gone on to become household names and make millions!

13 Years of foreign trade experience made us your best partner

With rich experience in providing personal care products of the highest purity, AllTimeCare has been engaging in foreign business since 2018. Backed up by our strong technical forces and manufacturing excellence, AllTimeCare has been the most reliable partner for clients across the globe. Removing the costs and risks by offering an extensive list of oils with various aromas and benefits, we help establish a recognizable health care brand through our complete OEM/ODM solution.

“By working with BAIS, you can stay ahead of your peers in the self-care, health, and essential oil market to drive your profit margins to new heights. “

AllTimeCare has been a giant in domestic market

Cooperating with over 60 of the leading pharmaceutical companies in China, we lead the domestic market through our advanced facilities and our team of over 800 specialists . Having brought up 1000+ businesses from the ground in the past 11 years, our ISO-certified factory continues to provide one-stop services that includes market consultation, quick sampling, custom packaging, and much more.

We’re Complying With ISO9001 and GMP Standards

AllTimeCare is a trusted supplier providing companies around the world with OEM and ODM services to create high-grade personal care products. Every skincare, body care, cosmetics and health care goods we produce are complying with ISO9001 and GMP in terms of utilizing an efficient food safety management system.

We’re Shaped and Motivated By Honors

Earning recognition for upholding national GMP and ISO 9001 quality management system standards,

we continue to innovate our practices to maximize our service potential.




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Our Ultimate Goal and Value

Grow Sustainably With Our Clients


Focused on improving the health of the human being, we garner your trust through our consistent focus on quality and safety throughout our manufacturing process.


Focused on improving the health of the human being, we garner your trust through our consistent focus on quality and safety throughout our manufacturing process.

Develop Green Products and Brands Like Yours

As your trusted partner in developing your personal care products, BAIS ensures that every process is cruelty-free. Using organic raw materials reduces costs and waste for greater sustainability while made safe for wider use. Lacking any unsafe chemical additives, our essential oils are at the highest purity to perform well and secure your market’s trust.

100% organic raw materials

Cruelty-free and vegan

No chemical addictives or addons

Bulk buy personal care products

custom for your brand.