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Aloe Vera Toner

Product Features:

Product name: Aloe Toner
Specification: 120g
Main ingredients: aloe vera water, palm oil
Traits: liquid
Efficacy: moisturizing, hydrating, moisturizing
Skin Type: General
Specifications per box: 5*5*12cm, 160g

Product Description

Vitamin C Cream with Antioxidants – Daily Facial Lotion with ingredients designed to promote skin’s natural health. Ultra effective and lightweight, suitable for all skin types.

Lightweight texture with essential ingredients to help create hydrated and radiant skin

Botanical ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin B5 and green tea reduce signs of sunburn like dark spots as it improves skin texture and reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Certified Cruelty-Free, our Vitamin C Moisturizers are premium strength, formulated and bottled in the origin for guaranteed freshness

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