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Goji Cream

Product Features:

“Product name:Goji Cream
Capacity: 50ml
Main ingredients: wolfberry extract, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, etc.
Efficacy: Antioxidant, Moisturizing, Firming
Skin Type: General

Product Description

Goji Cream acts as an energy booster for mature skin, providing the perfect solution for its repair.
✔️ Fights Age-Related Changes – Goji Cream mobilizes the skin’s internal reserves to help it fight age-related changes.
✔️ Removes Marks – Goji Cream removes signs of fatigue, smoothes and moisturizes skin, and visibly improves skin tone and firmness.
✔️ PERFECT STRUCTURE – Goji Cream absorbs instantly into the skin due to its fine, comfortable and balanced structure, without leaving a sticky and greasy feel or clumping.
✔️ Leaves your skin feeling youthful and fresh – Goji Cream has anti-wrinkle benefits to give you firm, youthful and fresh skin! We want you to feel confident and beautiful in your skin every day!

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