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Kojic Acid Collagen Cream

Product Features:

  • Product name:Kojic acid collagen cream
  • Specification:50g
  • Ingredients:Kojic acid, collagen
  • Efficacy:1、Whitening & Brightening,Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle,Firming Skin
  • Skin Type:General
  • OEM/ODM is acceptable, including packaging, logo design,specification,fragrance,ingredients
  • MOQ:1000PCS

Product Description

Even Skin Tone: Specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of dark spots, promote a brighter and more even skin tone, lighten brown spots and lighten unwanted discoloration. It also helps reduce melanin production

SUITABLE FOR ALL BODY: This cream is specially formulated to lighten and hydrate your complexion; it can fit all your body such as: face, knees, armpits, underarms, hands, elbows, feet. It is suitable for sensitive, oily, dry and normal skin
Collagen: Different from most products on the market, we add collagen, an active ingredient that increases skin elasticity and anti-aging

✅ How to use: Apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream to clean, dry skin, preferably at night, do not overdo it on sensitive skin, to avoid further hyperpigmentation, be sure to use us during and after use Skin Protect SPF 50 Sunscreen Brightening Treatment.

Great results and great support: We are a highly customer-oriented company. Our main goal is to give you the highest possible result in one way or another. So if you feel your experience is below 5 stars – please contact us directly and we will do our best to improve the situation

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