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Papaya Cream

Product Features:

“Product Name: Papaya Cream
Capacity: 20 g
Main ingredients: ginger extract, hyaluronic acid, water, etc.
Efficacy: Improve wrinkles, remove acne, whiten
Skin Type: General

Product Description

Enriched with multivitamins, this cream revitalizes your skin. Its rich antioxidant content fights aging; keeps skin soft and elastic.
It fights wrinkles and promotes cell growth. Regular use of it is sure to keep your skin young forever!
Beautiful skin is healthy skin – our creams contain all the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and amino acids your skin needs to repair itself! Moisturizes and repairs skin and balances pH levels for face, eyes and body.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee. All are born. No harsh chemicals. There are no cheap fillers. No oil. No mineral oil. No detergent. No animal testing. No parabens. Alcohol free. Non-allergic.

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