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Tanning Lotion

Product Features:

Product Name: Tanning Lotion
Capacity: 125ml
Main ingredients: Vitamin B, licorice extract, aloe leaf juice, chamomile (Matricaria) extract, honeysuckle (honeysuckle) flower extract, mulberry extract
Traits: Paste
Efficacy: help you get a deep and natural tan, control the degree of tan you want, fully moisturize and nourish your skin
Skin Type: General

Product Description

✅ Proprietary Tan Booster – Our lotion contains our exclusive tyrosine blend, specially formulated to stimulate melanin in the skin and accelerate the natural tanning process. White Lotion – Guaranteed not to stain clothes.
✅ Natural Anti-Aging Hibiscus – Hibiscus nourishes your skin, helps increase elasticity and evens out skin tone and texture, giving you a natural, vibrant glow that always looks youthful. Reduces wrinkles while maintaining an even tan.
✅ SPECIAL SUPER-HYDRATED FORMULA – This is made with coconut and passion fruit extracts, both tropical fruits that naturally retain moisture inside for that desired golden glow without burning. Antioxidants prevent damage.
✅ PROTECT TATTOO AND EXTEND YOUR TAN – This is the highly confidential formula to keep your tattoo bright, colorful and clear while tanning the skin underneath – and keep your tan long after the summer sun fades away.

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