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Vitamin C body lotion

Product Features:

  • Product name: Vitamin C body lotion
  • Specification:480ml
  • Ingredients:Mineral, Vitamin C
  • Efficacy:Moisturizing Hydrating Whitening
  • Skin Type:General
  • OEM/ODM is acceptable, including packaging, logo design,specification,fragrance,ingredients
  • MOQ:1000PCS

Product Description

* VITAMIN C: Formulated with advanced micro-encapsulated Vitamin C for improved efficacy and enhanced delivery.
* BENEFITS: Visibly enhances skin tone, helps improve overall texture & provides lasting hydration.
* REUSABLE PUMP: This moisturizer comes with a convenient, reusable pump that will dispense the right amount and increases the
products life (through less air contact)
* QUALITY PRODUCT: Cruelty-free, contains no parabens, dyes, gluten, artificial colors, or flavors, and made in the USA.
* FOR BEST RESULTS: Apply liberally over the face and body twice a day or whenever skin feels dry.

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