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Whitening body Face Cream

Product Features:

  • Product name:Face & Body Whitening Cream
  • Specification:120ml
  • Ingredients:Collagen, milk
  • Efficacy:cleansing, moisturizing, whitening, moisturizing
  • Skin Type:General
  • OEM/ODM is acceptable, including packaging, logo design,specification,fragrance,ingredients
  • MOQ:1000PCS

Product Description

Natural Ingredients – Natural ingredients in this skin cream, won’t cause skin irritation.
Effective Dark Spot Cream- Our skin cream puts a substantial amount of Milk extracts into our cream for intimate areas since we know you want your skin in those areas to be as soft as possible.
Sensitive Part – Easily cover difficult to hide and sensitive parts, such as elbows, toes, knees, and bikini line. can moisturize the skin.
Apply and massage into the skin until fully absorbed. The cream is gentle enough to apply on sensitive skin and private areas of your body.

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