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Turmeric Face Cream

Product Features:

Product Name: Turmeric Face Cream
Capacity: 50 g
Main ingredients: ginger extract, hyaluronic acid, water, etc.
Efficacy: Improve wrinkles, remove acne, whiten
Skin Type: General

Product Description

Anti-aging cream for women: Anti-aging cream is specially formulated to restore moisture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles – even on very rough, dry skin. It does not make men’s face feel sticky, greasy or oily.
24 hour hydration lock in moisture: sun, wind, winter and air conditioning. Surely the outside world will go to great lengths to dry our faces! So, a skin lightening cream not only deeply moisturizes, but locks in moisture until day turns into night. Within 4 weeks, you will notice younger looking skin with a brighter, more even complexion.
Natural Formula: Butt Acne Cream is made with Turmeric, Treats, Quercetin, Sodium Hyaluronate, and has a pleasant texture that is non-greasy and does not clog pores. It’s free of harsh fragrances or colors and is suitable for all skin types, so you don’t have to research what works for you.
Quick Visible Results: We’re sure real ladies value real results. That’s why we only combine proven ingredients that are good for your skin. A powerful formula with turmeric, cork bark, quercetin, and sodium hyaluronate to help keep skin hydrated throughout the day and reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines. No need for multiple treatments.

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